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Choice Mobility

The family may terminate the lease at any time after the first year of occupancy. The family must give advance written notice to the Property Manager in accordance with the lease and provide a copy of such notice to the HACHS HCV. If the family wishes to move with continued tenant-based assistance, the family must contact the HACHS to request the rental assistance prior to providing notice to terminate the lease. If the family terminates the lease in accordance with these requirements, the HACHS HCV is required to offer the family the opportunity for continued tenant-based assistance, in the form of a voucher or other comparable tenant-based rental assistance. If voucher or other comparable tenant-based assistance is not immediately available upon termination of the family's lease in the PBV unit, the HACHS HCV must give the family priority to receive the next available opportunity for continued tenant-based assistance. If the HACHS is at maximum budget authority at the time of the request by the participant to exercise choice mobility, the participant family will be positioned at the top of the waiting list in accordance with the date of exercising choice mobility. Once the HACHS HCV Program issues the TBA Voucher, the HCV program will notify the Project manager of the Voucher term- which is 60 days. If the family terminates the assisted lease before the end of the first year, the family relinquishes the opportunity for continued tenant-based assistance.  In accordance with PIH Notice 2012-32 rev 3, only 75% of vouchers that turn over in the HCV program must be used for Choice Mobility.  

Regulatory and statutory requirements of the PBV program in 24 CFR Part 983 shall apply.