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Outreach and Recruitment of Qualified Residents and Businesses

Outreach and recruitment of qualified residents and businesses for Section 3 employment or contracting opportunities is a three-stage process that includes:

1. Recruiting residents to participate in employment training programs provided by the HSHA and its partners;

2. Notifying qualified residents of positions as they become available; and

3. Providing residents with the support necessary to successfully apply and interview for the job.

HSHA Staff Responsibilities

HSHA FSS and other staff that provide services to resident will conduct Section 3 outreach and referrals to housing authority residents. Outreach efforts will include knocking on doors, job fairs, and information sessions. The FSS staff and procurement officer will work with the Public Housing Supervisor to develop outreach material to included Section 3 pamphlets, posters, direct mailings, and newsletter articles to inform resident of Section 3 opportunities. Section 3 program information will also be presented during each resident's annual re-certification.

The Capital Fund or staff designated by the Executive Director will build and maintain a database of residents by conducting an agency-wide survey to collect the following information:

  • Employment status
  • Income and income source
  • Educational level
  • Self description of skills
  • Job training completed, including type of training and certicate/diploma
  • Requests for training and support services

Housing management will use the survey results to create and update a Section 3 Resident database during annual re-certifications.

In addition to the goal of hiring residents at HSHA and through HSHA contractors, HSHA will also make best efforts to use resident-owned Section 3 businesses in its contracting, subcontracting and procurement, as is feasible by:

  • Ensuring that all public housing residents are aware of HSHA's program of support for resident owned businesses, in part by annually presenting the program to the Resident Advisory Board and Resident Councils.
  • Maintaining a current and complete list of public housing resident owned businesses & Section 8 resident owned businesses and provide it to all contractors as part of the bid document package.
  • To the greatest extent feasible ensuring that all Section 3 businesses are registered with the Finance Department.
  • Ensuring all HSHA issued Requests for Proposals or Invitations for Bids are sent to all Section 3 businesses registered with HSHA.